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Excerpts from Working as One: Fundamental Conversations That Build Cooperation & Get Results

More about the book

What Makes Us Unique…?

The work we do is all about connection, skill building, and integration—of the individual workgroup members as well as the workgroup as a whole. In order to create a cooperative working environment with an orientation toward getting desired results, we have to see ourselves as part of a larger system, with each person contributing in harmony to the whole. We also have to develop skills to maximize our ability to talk and reach agreements with one another so that everyone is focused on what’s really important and in sync with how and when the work gets done.

Our specialty is helping workgroups explore what they need to talk and reach agreements about in order to do their work. We help them set the stage for productive conversations and then facilitate the actual conversations. We also help them concretely plan for how to keep these conversations ongoing, so that they become an integral part of their work and not just one shot deals. We strive at all times to provide our clients with outstanding customer service while maintaining an ongoing relationship based on integrity and trust.

Facilitation Services

Our approach to all our services is facilitative. We encourage a partnership between consultant and client. Our role is to guide, support, set the stage to promote discussion and ask probing questions for clients to discover answers and reach agreements in ways that promote collaboration and get results.

Presentations & Workshops

We offer Working as One: Fundamental Conversations That Build Cooperation & Get Results as either a presentation or a workshop. We work to customize all of our offerings so that attendees are engaged in the learning activity and able to incorporate key concepts into their day to day work.



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